A city that resists. Milan, that’s why we love you!

From our LUXURY HOTEL IN CENTRAL MILAN, we celebrate the indomitable soul of our city: follow us and enjoy the reading!

The history of our beloved city begins with a small Celtic settlement in 590 BC, a time that seems very distant to us that culminates with the coming of the Romans, who founded in 222 BC the first nucleus of Milan: Mediolanum.

Milan has an ancient story!

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From that moment Milan became a great protagonist of the history of our peninsula, thanks to the character of its citizens and its rulers, always able to look forward building a better future with strength and creativity.

We don’t want to go too far back in time. Instead, we like to observe today’s Milan, dynamic, vibrant and eclectic, always remembering her recent past, which has shaped the city through difficult tests and upheavals, overcoming the difficulties thanks to the spirit of the people of Milan.

The first half of the twentieth century:
the hard times.

The terrible first post-war period, the bombings of the Second World War and the ruthless fight for liberation, between invaders and partisans, brought the city to her knees.

However, surrounded between destruction and poverty, Milan got back on its feet with a contagious solidarity that opened the door to resistance, helping everybody to face the tough struggling.

„I admire those who resist, those who made the verb resist flesh, sweat, blood, and demonstrated without great gestures that it is possible to live, and live on your feet even in the worst moments.“ (Luis Sepúlveda)

When in the sixties the Italian economic boom broke out, Milan became the landing place for hundreds of thousands workers who immigrated from south to the production centers of northern Italy, upsetting their social structure. However, in a few years Milan managed to become one of the first European integration models, an example to follow for all.

Milan is a welcoming city, which makes you feel immediately at home.

Milan was in the heart of political tension living to the fullest the so-called Anni di Piombo, the terrorism and the 1969 massacre of Piazza Fontana, undoubtedly the most tragic fact happened in Italy.

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Like a Phoenix.

After this difficult times Milan entered in the eighties, a fertile and happy period of great prosperity of which the city represents one of the most fervent testimonies, abruptly interrupted by the scandal of Mani Pulite.

Tangentopoli (Mani Pulite) is an Italian issue and initially has Milan as its epicentre. It affected both business and politics, that turned out to be partners in crime and corruption.

Once again the city survived by standing as a candidate for the 2015 Expo, an event that has returned our city to the center of the world!

When the clouds that darken your sky in these days disappear, you will find Milan and the Milanese people ready to welcome you as usual, with style, courtesy and confidentiality!