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Curiosity: the Duomo of Milan definitely has one!

The Duomo of Milan is one, if not the major, city attraction we suggest to visit to all our guests.

Between the hotels of Milan within easy reach to the Duomo, Hotel Manzoni benefits by its privileged position: it is only 10 minutes walk from it!

Majestic example of gothic architecture, the Duomo is highly suggestive for anyone in the sight of it. The triumph of statues and spires adorning it seems never-ending, also because its construction, that started in 1386, lasted for over four centuries!

The “Madonnina” that dominates it from the highest point of its structure, at more than 100 m of altitude, is the undisputed symbol of Milan, the protector of all the Milanese people, 5 m tall, with a steel soul covered by golden wire plates.

Observing the Cathedral though, all this begs the question: am I really seeing monsters, devils, and demon-like figures all around me? The answer is – Yes! They really are what you are thinking, and there is a reason why, obviously, behind a very peculiar legend.

The tale is about the Duke of Milan, Gian Galeazzo Visconti, that in a dream sees the Devil! That’s him the “buyer” of the artwork, a church aiming to display infinite images of the demon! If he wouldn’t please the Devil, for him the conviction to go to the Hell, forever!

As you can imagine, the Duke easily took a decision and the morning after, his architects and engineers were already working to save the soul of the Lord of Milan. They decided to realize gargoyles – ancestors of the common gutters – that were demon-shaped! And not only a few!

Unveiled the curiosity, it must be said that in the past, gargoyles always had weird shapes, mysterious and esoteric, but exactly those shapes were said to protect the buildings from all kind of evil.

In short, the Duke pleased the Devil and at the same time created a way to protect all the people in Milan. At the end, we can affirm that good arises out of bad…

Visit Milan and discover more about the legends and stories of the city!
The marvels of Milan and its Duomo are within easy reach from our Hotel Manzoni!