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From Milan to the Langhe, a suggestive and unmissable tour!

The perfect Milan hotel for a tour in the Langhe region: Hotel Manzoni!

For those staying in the heart of the Fashion Quadrilatero is easy to visit Milan, by foot you can in fact reach in few minutes all its main attractions.

The guests of Hotel Manzoni, often like to visit not only Milan, but also its neighbourhoods, exploring other amazing Italian destinations that the central position of Milan helps to reach.

Let’s think about Liguria or Switzerland, but also the Piedmont, where the Langhe Hills are waiting for you, still hidden from the main tourist paths, in a suggestive and romantic atmosphere, only one hour by car from Milan.

A fresh and thriving nature, where there are many castles and boroughs, wineries with delicious wines and restaurants where to delight you taste, is a good opportunity for everyone!

Our staff, always attentive to give you the best tips for the top visits inside and outside the city, has been noticing the growing interest and satisfaction for all those choosing to visit the Langhe during their stay in Milan.

Neive, Barbaresco, La Morra and Barolo, are some of the places you can visit, quiet and beautiful, rich in traditions and local high quality products to try.

And if the picturesque boroughs and hills, are where you can find glorious vineyards telling you that here enjoying wine is the main pleasure, we invite you to try also the local cuisine, in every small restaurant, a real authentic experience to try out!

Between the Alte and Basse Langhe (High and Low) – the first ones end at 400 m, the second go up to 900- the things to see are many, but the main aspect is the quality of life, a real slow travel dimension, away from stress and chaos.

A day spent in the Langhe is a luxury moment, intended as pleasure of living, discover and share the beauty of nature and history, in the castles, in the houses and in the corners of the ancient wineries, that you can find everywhere.

In Autumn and Spring, the Langhe are a very popular destination, due to the poetry and irresistible charm of these seasons, but this area is generally very good to visit all year long.

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