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Events in Milan: Outfit ‘900. A look into the customs of the past century!

At Palazzo Morando, only 5 minutes away from Hotel Manzoni, you will find one of the chicest exhibitions of the year: Outfit ‘900.

The Fashion Quadrilatero of Milan, where our hotel is located, is the ideal set to admire such a surprising exhibition, thanks to the elegance, the style and the names of some of the major stylists of the 1900s.

But what is it about?

Outfit ‘900 gathers the clothes worn by dames, ladies and actresses in occasion of gala events, theatre premieres, weddings and unmissable appointments, such as a court gathering or an afternoon concert.

The exhibition is a journey into the costumes of the past century, with a path going from the generic question of how the women of the 1900s were used to dress, to the revelation of something more about their role in society and the importance they had in fringe occasions at political and social level.

But, beyond the most profound meanings, revealing the indissoluble tie between history, culture and society, Outfit ‘900 is the chance to go with the flow surrounded by beauty and curiosity.

Next to the sumptuous Armani put on by Glenn Close for the Oscar ceremony in 1994, the exposition offers reflections of a past conveying charm and tenderness, like a pair of artisanal shoes still preserved in their original box, displaying on its backside useful tips such as: “don’t use new shoes while it’s raining, they may deform”.

And if ancient photographs, documents and a lovely evening bag- that shows inside an unruined and original Teatro alla Scala ticket!- are of great interest, you just can’t but bow in front the original artworks of Krizia, Pucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

Far away from a nostalgic jump into the past, Outfit ‘900 is suggested to all the fashion lovers, that will be able to admire seams, refined fabrics and designs that, starting from the early 1920s – see the clothing created for French fashion houses such as Worth –stepping into our days, thanks to the eternal recreation and regeneration of the idea of fashion itself.

Moreover, Outfit ‘900 offers a look into Milan and its people, on the owners of the clothes and their history, in a fairytale scenery such as Palazzo Morando, where fine ceilings and floors, Rococo rooms and the palace’s permanent collections are waiting for you.


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The exhibit will be open till the 4th of November!