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Meet the chef of our restaurant in Milan downtown!

Talking with Luca di Pietro, the Chef of Don Rodrigo restaurant!

Among the hotels with restaurant in Milan, Hotel Manzoni is happy to invite you to the tables of its Don Rodrigo, to taste the magic of the typical Milanese kitchen, in the heart of the fashion district and Via Monte Napoleone.

In this article of our blog we want to share with you the words of Luca di Pietro, chef of our Restaurant Don Rodrigo, and chief of the team that everyday, with style, talent and professionalism, offers you a pleasant culinary experience in the heart of Milan.

Hey Luca! Tell us more about your professional path.
Well, I started working in the catering world, then in Star Hotel and Air Hotel, for a period that lasted approximatively 15 years. After this, I worked in Rimini at Salsomaggiore, renowned tourist destinations, and also as chef of a fish restaurant in Lissone, Brianza. I also worked for vegan and vegetarian restaurants and have been in touch with the molecular cuisine and traditional Mediterranean kitchen.

Talking about it, what is your culinary inspiration for the menu at the restaurant of the Hotel Manzoni?
Traditional and international cuisine, with particular attention to the Milanese and Mediterranean dishes, trying to take care also of our vegan and vegetarian customers. Cakes and biscuits from the tradition, all exclusively home made.

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Show us the soul of the Don Rodrigo, the atmosphere that you can breathe and the service you aim to offer.
The home atmosphere in a calm environment, cuddled by a caring and professional team, makes of the Don Rodrigo a very special restaurant.

Is it there a dish in your menu that you particularly love to prepare and why?
The Milanese osso buco served with the classic saffron risotto, or even better, with the soft yellow polenta.

How important is the product itself in the preparation of a dish?
Obviuously it is very important. Quality, origin and preparation, they are all fundamental aspects for the good outcome of a dish.

Is it there a moment of major satisfaction during your work?
It goes without saying, it is when the guest enjoys our food!

How is your relationship with Milan?
I was born here and grow up here. At the Manzoni, I am… finally home.

On TV you can see cooks, cooking talent shows and so on. What do you think about it?
I tried watching some of them, but I have to say they are not of particular interest to me, maybe just some rare episodes.

To discover the true Milanese cuisine, just book your
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