Hotel in Milan Center with Parking

One of the most frequent questions that are asked to the Concierge of the Hotel Manzoni in Milan is that of accessing the center of Milan, in the heart of Area C, a limited traffic zone (ZTL), and of parking one’s car, which is always very difficult in Town center.

Our Hotel is located in the heart of Milan and within Area C, notoriously one of the most restricted areas from the point of view of access permits for cars. To get to Manzoni, you have to cross Area B and enter Area C.

In reality it is possible for anyone to arrive with their car in the center and park it safely in the 2 car parks available in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Manzoni, and then go directly to the reception where you will be welcomed by our staff.

Once you have completed the quick Check In procedures, you can take the keys to your apartment, leave your luggage with us, which will arrive directly in your room. You will then be “finally at home” with us at Manzoni.

How does the payment for access to Area C in Milan work:

From 7:30 in the morning until 19:00 in the evening, access to Area C in Milan costs 5 Euros, payable by telepass directly, or our staff will help you complete the access payment procedures. The cost is foreseen only on entry.

After 19:00 every day and always on weekends, access to Area C is always allowed.

On the day of departure, just notify the reception at least 20 minutes before leaving the Hotel Manzoni in order to find your car ready to depart.

Here’s how to get to a Hotel in Milan in Area C.