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The team of Hotel Manzoni: Pino Castronuovo and the front desk!

Stay in Milan via Montenapoleone, is the dream of many people, because between the numerous souls of this city, the fashion one, made of style and luxury, has indeed an irresistible appeal for many visitors.

Hotel Manzoni is located in the heart of the Fashion District, the Quadrilatero della Moda. Their heart beat at the same rhythm, perfect to welcome all those looking for a holiday in Milan characterised by charm and exclusive shopping, walking in the streets of the historical city centre, enjoying its vibrant Cosmopolitan climate.

To support this desire, Hotel Manzoni has become a home, residence and stay for its guests in love with Milan and with the warm hospitality always waiting for them since their very first arrival at the hotel. All thanks to the amazing work of the staff of our front desk, lead by our deputy director, Pino Castronuovo.

Pino, how long have you been the face of Hotel Manzoni, and how did you manage to get to play this fundamental role professionally?
I first landed a job at Hotel Manzoni in April 1984, almost randomly. I heard they were hiring people, I went for an interview and I started my experience as a receptionist. Since 2002, when the Manzoni’s ownership changed, I got offered the position of reception manager. I accepted the offer, a challenging but exciting opportunity. I gave all of me for this role, and after the big renovation occurred from 2014 to 2017, it has been amazing to take care of Hotel Manzoni with new responsibilities as assistant director.

You welcomed thousands of visitors, which emotions do you try to convey when you see them entering and approaching the front desk?
First of all, courtesy, kindness and professionalism. The guest need more and more to be cuddled, to trust the people that take care of his stay, and to be sure of our confidentiality and discretion.

During the years, how has changed the visitor staying at Hotel Manzoni?
In the past years, guests were creatures of habits, of few needs, choosing Hotel Manzoni mostly for its location and the courtesy of its staff. Today our guests, mostly occasional, more and more technology focused, with a very busy schedule, have not so much time to look after what is best for them, and end up looking only at the best rate online. Our challenge starts here: our goal is to secure customer loyalty, transforming our visitors into returning guests, making people want to choose us not only for the price, but also because here they feel at home.

During your working experience, have you ever experienced weird, or at least peculiar, requests?
Of course! I remember that years ago we had a frequent guest, a famous art critic of the time, that always wanted only room number 312. If this was not available, he was simply not coming to Milan at all. Every time he was at our hotel, first thing he was asking about me, so that I could prepare for him an envelope, cut into a specific shape, with the measures he desired, to put his Cash in the safe of the back office. At that time there was no private safe in the rooms. According to this guest, no one was as good as me in satisfying his needs.

What is a guest, choosing Hotel Manzoni, looking for? What stay experience leads the guest to you?
Guests like to feel good, it is that simple. And they feel good starting from the answers they receive in the booking process, and they continue to feel good when they are welcomed with a smile, maybe also called by their name. This said, they like to feel comfortable, have all they need, without asking. A room indeed elegant, but also clean and practical, and services on request that can make their stay even better: a good breakfast, a restaurant where authenticity and quality are first in line, a well refurnished bar where to relax.

Milan and its effervescence, efficiency, and Cosmopolitan soul, I imagine they help your daily work. Is it easy to give tips on what to do around the city?
Milan is winning its big challenge, it is an Italian but European city, able to convey its “Italianity” through the efficiency of the big metropolis of central and northern Europe. In Milan, guests just need to go with the flow, experiencing the city centre, as well as the newest areas of the city, with calm and curiosity. In Milan there is always something to do, to experience and to visit, without the need to go looking for the classical “tourist routes”. This is Milan’s strength!

If you want to stay in Milan in via Monte Napoleone, in the heart of the Fashion District and its neighbourhood, Hotel Manzoni is waiting for you with all the courtesy of its well trained team, discrete and professional!


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