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Among the hotels with restaurant in via Montenapoleone, hotel Manzoni is happy to offer its guests the classic Milanese Aperitif, a must for all those visiting the city.

The moment of the aperitif has always been the perfect occasion to meet people, network and relax, maybe after a long working day. The expression “ La Milano da Bere” ( The Milan to drink) is not used by chance, it comes from a very consolidated tradition.

aperitivo milano hotel

To meet for an aperitif in Milan, often means to forget about dinner and just enjoy snacks, small treats, sipping a well deserved glass of wine or cocktail, in the wide offer of bars and clubs around the city.

The Milanese Aperitif tradition started around the 1900, with the classic glass of wine with an olive. With the years, the list of wines and drink got longer in the menu, displaying everyday new cocktails and snacks, till arriving to the Eighties, where the aperitif like we know it today was born, a social appointment.

At Hotel Manzoni this pleasant habit is still present, thanks to our barmen, able to serve you – in addition to champagne and prestigious Italian and international wines – the most appreciated aperitifs around: Aperol Spritz, or Bitter Campari, Martini and much more, without forgetting a classic such as the Negroni!

Talking about the Negroni, with a Tuscan origin, our barman Carlo and his staff, prepare an alternative version of it, revisited and called Negroni Sbagliato ( “Wrong Negroni”), coming from the Bar Magenta of the Milan of the Sixties, that replaces the gin with a less alcoholic brut sparkling wine.

Are you ready to learn more about how we make it?
Let’s find out!


In a bar glass, put some ice.
Pour into order:
Bitter Campari,
Red Vermouth and Prosecco.
Mix – no shaker! – and add an orange wedge.
Here you are!

Give a boost to your arrival in Milan
and start your stay with one of
our aperitifs here at Hotel Manzoni!